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Storing Chilies December 13, 2006

Posted by Angeleyes in Kitchen Tips.

Ever wonder how to keep your chilies and some other fresh produces Fresh in your fridge for weeks?

When my MIL was not around, I will normally do my marketing once a week and to keep some of the stuff fresh is a real headache sometimes. Then I got this tips from my mom and I’m glad to have know this so a lot of my fresh stuff, especially chillies (I used a lot at times) can stay fresh for a long time. Can you believe it that my chillies stayed fresh even after 2 weeks sitting in the fridge? 😛


Make sure you have an air-tight container and lined it with kitchen towels or tissue papers. Dry your chillies before putting them in the container and that’s it! You can put another piece of kitchen towel or tissues on top of the chillies before covering as the tissues will absorb all the moisture/water vapor when you move your container in and out of your fridge.