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Ever since I was bitten by the blog bugs 3 months ago, blogging has became a big part of my life besides my two babies… PiggyBeng, my want to be slim but yet can’t stop eating hubby and Darrius, my little cheeky boy.

Actually, my first blog was created so that I can keep record of some daily events that took place in our little family but as I move around the blog sphere, I found something else…. that bloggers are sharing their gastronomy adventures and recipes with the world. Thus, it has triggered me to start up my own food blog… a place where I can share my home cooking with the rest of the world. 🙂

My love for cooking and baking started at a very young age. I attended Home Science in my high school days where I learned the basic culinary skills. From there on, my interest to explore the culinary know-how took off!

To me, home cooked food is very essential in our household as these food are prepared out of my labour of love to my family. To ensure that my family get healthy and nutritional food on the table all the time, I have to take on the wok! 😛

Besides sharing my simple-to-cook recipes, I would also like to share some cooking tips, ideas or secret as I picked up along the way in this little culinary adventure… Let sail together…. Ahoy! 😀

Hope you will enjoy FoodNotes and your comments are always welcome!

Bon Appetit!

September 2006



1. Lily - December 17, 2006

Hi, me went ard the web to search for the Nestum recipe and found yours. Although I am a muslim, but i have always loved chinese food. Not the common ones like hor fun and the likes but more to exotic ones loke the herbal soups! I even take to cooking my very own mee hon kuey aka ban mian, seaweed fishball soups etc. I am going to cook the UFO on Tuesday, will subsitute the pork ribs to mutton. Will that do? Is there anything else that I should add to ‘cover’ the smell of mutton? they can be rather ‘disturbing’..lol:) Btw thank you very much for sharing your recipes here. Will look forward for more!

2. Lily - December 17, 2006

Btw, I do not mind sharing malay cooking tips if you guys need any! Feel free!

3. Angeleyes - December 18, 2006

Hey Lily! Thanks for dropping by and you are always welcome to share your secret recipes here with us… 🙂

I will answer your Q regards to UFO soup with mutton on the page itself https://foodnotes.wordpress.com/2006/12/14/ufo-soup/

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