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Mui-choy with Pork Belly October 6, 2006

Posted by Angeleyes in Non-Halal, Vegetables.

I’ve been craving to have this dish for a while. Bought some mui-choy (a type of preserved vegetable) last week but no time to prepare so has KIV it till yesterday.

This recipe is not very acurate in terms of the ingredients’ portion so have to adjust according to personal taste preference. 🙄



  • 300gm Mui-choy
  • 500gm Pork Belly (must have some fat)
  • 3 cloves Garlic
  • 3 Chili padi
  • 30ml Glutinous rice wine or Chinese cooking wine
  • Black soy sauce
  • Sugar or brown sugar
  • 3 bowls of Water



  1. Wash away all the salt and cut mui-choy into small pieces. Soak all the mui-choy for at least an hour and change water 2-3 time to remove the saltiness.
  2. Cut pork belly to cubes. Heat up wok with a little oil and fry the pork belly cubes until 70% cooked and remove from wok.
  3. Squeeze all the water out from mui-choy and fry it lightly over small fire without any oil. This process is to dry up all the moisture in the mui-choy.
  4. Heat the wok with 3tblsp of oil and put in chopped garlic. Once garlic gets fragrant, throw in the chopped chilies and stir for a while. Put in the pork belly cubes and stir then add in black soy sauce (put more if you prefer a darker tone).
  5. Once the black soy sauce are settled evenly on those pork belly cubes, put in the mui-choy and continue to stir. Then add in at least 3-4 bowls of water, stir and cover over small fire before transfering to cook for 1-1/2 hours in a casserol and stirring occassionally.
  6. Add in sugar should the taste of mui-choy is still very salty.
  7. Just before you turn off the fire, add in the glutinous rice wine and stir for a while.




1. jazzmint - October 6, 2006

hehe my CL also thought my maid to cook this during confinement ;). Hey if u get some sweet n some salty muichoy, cook together oso nice 🙂

2. Sasha - October 6, 2006

YUM YUM!!! put in some soft groundnuts lagi yummy!

3. Angeleyes - October 7, 2006

can eat this during confinement??? never know wor.
will try to mix the two diff muichoy one day.

wah…i din know people put boiled peanuts in this leh…

4. jazzmint - October 9, 2006

angeleyes: I think can kwa..i also didn’t know, CL cook i makan oni 🙂

5. dee - June 26, 2009

Even better if you add in mushrooms.

6. jocuri cu cim posibal - July 28, 2013

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