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Stuffed Squids September 30, 2006

Posted by Angeleyes in Meat, Non-Halal, Seafood, Simple Steaming.

Found some squids hiding in my freezer the other day. They were the left over from PiggyBeng’s Assam Curry Fish that he cooked during the weekend.

Have wanted to use them to fry some vermicelli but did not have all the ingredients so came out with this idea instead… stuffed squid since I found a small piece of pork belly. Have not attempted this one before so not sure if it will turn out nice or a total disaster. 😐

As usual, there is no definite portion to this recipe as I only have 5 patheticaly small squids…



  • Squids
  • Pork belly (minsed)
  • Chili padi
  • Garlic (about 2 cloves)
  • Corn flour
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  • Juice from the steamed stuffed squids
  • Corn flour
  • Salt


  1. Minced the pork belly. Add in chopped garlic and chilies with a little corn flour and water to hold them together.
  2. Stuffthe minced pork mix into squid.


  3. Steam the stuffed squid for about 10 minutes
  4. Remove the juice (was surprised that there were lots of it – no idea where it came from). Add corn flour with a sprinkle of salt and pour into the wok to cook the sauce.  Remember to stir so it would not turn lumpy.
  5. Once the sauce began to boil (lots of bubbles), pour over the stuffed squids. Serve.

Note: Do not stuff the squid till you fill the whole squid as the stuffings will come out when the squids shrunk during the steaming process! So, just stuffed them about half will be just nice. 🙂 That was why you see so many pork balls around the stuffed squids…



1. jazzmint - November 21, 2006

ah i tried this finally…love it…my only regret, why didn’t i have more squids 😛

2. Angeleyes - November 24, 2006

Me too!!! Only have that few miserable squids and so much meat.. 😛

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